Thursday, November 18, 2010

Goat, Kangaroo and a Ring

Hey all,

As we approach the 2 week birthday for the twins we wanted to give you a quick update on how they're doing and share some stories with you.

The twins have been doing pretty well and Melissa and I have worked our way into a bit of a routine for spending time with them, getting Melissa her rest and recovery, and allowing me to get back to work.

We've continued to have our ups and downs on the roller coaster.

Caroline's been fighting an infection and hasn't felt well, but appears to be responding to the antibiotics and will hopefully be back to her squirmy self by the end of the weekend.

Logan's been doing well, he's off of the ventilator altogether and only relies on some forced air for his breathing support.

That has let us begin to hear from the little guy.

He's not one to enjoy it when we or the nurses change his diaper, take his temperature, or move him around.  And he'll give us a little cry.

We took this video as he was coming down from a good fuss, just whining about having been messed with.

We present - Logan the goat.

We have also been spending as much time as possible as kangaroos.

The doctors and nurses have introduced us to and encouraged us to spend at least an hour a day as kangaroos for each of the children (when they're stable and feeling well).  This means we hold them, skin to skin - usually while they're getting a feeding, and provide them a warm comfortable environment.

There's been a lot of research that shows that this does a great deal of good for the kids and truly helps with their growth and development while in the NICU.

It also makes for some good photos.

Melissa with Caroline

Logan's fighting to stay awake with Dad

Caroline sleeping with Mom
She gets to wear a hat and a coat b/c she needs help staying warm.

And finally... we spend quite a bit of time up in the NICU.  It's actually quite nice - equipped with a couch and a barcolounger.  Free Wi-Fi.  And an especially great staff who works great with the kids and does a wonderful job keeping us informed of every little change, twist, turn, and simple update.

We keep ourselves busy up there, we're encouraged to help out with the little tasks - changing diapers, taking temperatures, moving monitor patches, helping with bath time... and so on.  

But it's also given us a bit of time to take some photos.

Here's a shot of each of the kids playing with my wedding ring.

Caroline could probably wear this on her arm...
if I could get it past her huge hands.

This would be a tight fit on Logan's wrist.

That's it for the update... we'll have another one for you after Thanksgiving.

The twins won't get to have turkey and stuffing this year, but we'll be able to share some great time with the grandparents as they're coming to town.

Our very best wishes for a safe and happy holiday for you and your families.  Thanks again for all your loving support and heartfelt prayers.

Mike and Melissa