Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Here to stay...

... and we're not leaving until we've got 2 babies!!!

We got confirmation this morning that Melissa will be staying here in the hospital for the duration of her bedrest.

They want to keep a close eye on both of the babies, but a very careful eye on our little gal.

To make sure that they can do ultrasounds and monitoring whenever they want- and also to make sure that their definition of bedrest matches up with Melissa's definition of bedrest- they decided that it was best for everyone to keep her here until delivery.

"When's that?" you ask...

Well a lot of that is dependent on our babies and how they keep going, but we are sure hoping that it's a good long time.  6-8 weeks would have us dancin' a jig!!!

So Melissa's going to hunker down here and soak up all the pampering possible to guarantee that she's the best incubator as possible.

She's got 3 meals a day, Mike bringing her treats, a flat screen TV, a DVD player, her laptop, free Wi-Fi, her iPod, her iPhone, a couple of books, and several wonderful nurses who check up on her all day and night.

Some of you, in your wonderfully generous ways, have asked if there is anything you can do or send to help her pass the time and make the next weeks tolerable.

If you'd like to send Melissa a note, you can drop them in the mail to our address:

Mike and Melissa Vogel
2000 50th Place
Des Moines, IA 50310

If you're sending something larger or that can't handle the winter-like weather, send it to my office:

Professional Video, Inc.
C/O Mike Vogel
10190 Hickman Court Suite B
Clive, IA 50325

And if you'd like to send her flowers or a stripper-gram:

Mercy Hospital
Melissa Vogel
East Tower
MTT Unit - 3rd Floor
Room 3110

And here is where I get to be the over-protective hubby...

The point of her being here is rest and inactivity, so unfortunately while we'd love to see you all and give you big hugs of thanks for all your support, we can't have visitors.  We'll have to plan to meet up sometime after the babies come home (in between feedings and diaper changes, of course).  Also probably shouldn't call or text.

Thank you all for your love and support from the bottoms of our hearts!  Keep sending your thoughts and prayers!

All our Best,

The Vogels

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well Poop... Bedrest.

Not a great update today folks...

We went for our regular ultrasound this morning and found out that our little gal has been slacking off in her development over the last two weeks.

She's been slacking (taking after her Dad) and only measured 1 week of growth this time.

Since she was behind the curve anyway, the docs want to give her the best opportunity to grow inside Mom as long as possible.

So... Melissa's in the hospital on bedrest while they keep daily tabs on our little scrapper and her brother.

The hope is that we can put off delivery as long as possible - over a month if we can.

And we'll happily wait.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers,

The Vogels

P.S. - Yes there is an omission of details here regarding her location and contact info... that's by design.  You see the "rest" part of bedrest means no visitors and a lot of long boring days for Melissa.