Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Well Poop... Bedrest.

Not a great update today folks...

We went for our regular ultrasound this morning and found out that our little gal has been slacking off in her development over the last two weeks.

She's been slacking (taking after her Dad) and only measured 1 week of growth this time.

Since she was behind the curve anyway, the docs want to give her the best opportunity to grow inside Mom as long as possible.

So... Melissa's in the hospital on bedrest while they keep daily tabs on our little scrapper and her brother.

The hope is that we can put off delivery as long as possible - over a month if we can.

And we'll happily wait.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers,

The Vogels

P.S. - Yes there is an omission of details here regarding her location and contact info... that's by design.  You see the "rest" part of bedrest means no visitors and a lot of long boring days for Melissa.


  1. Dear Vogol's,
    All will be fine, we just know it. Melissa take your bedrest like a trooper and it will be over before you know it.
    Much love,

  2. Thinking of you both, and the little ones! All will turn out just fine!

    Love you all much,
    Lindsay, Mike, Jorden, and Madeline

  3. Bummer Melissa......but this will give the little lady much needed time to grow and become stronger. Maybe it's time to crochet them some booties!! Take care.

    Jenn O.


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