Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No excuses...

Hey gang,

It's been quite a bit of time since the last update and I'm sorry for not having updated it since then.

The balancing act of having one baby at home and one in the NICU has been pretty challenging to manage -from a free time standpoint.   When both kids were up there, it wasn't uncommon for Melissa and I to be able to see the kids till late, and then come home and still be effective getting things done (like blog updates).

With the little Duder home, however, it's been a bit more difficult to break away and type up an update in between poopy diapers, feedings, and the other fun stuff.

So,  sorry for the lack of updates.  Hopefully when they're both home we'll be able to squeeze out a little extra time.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Caroline is still in the NICU.

She's doing great, but still needs to learn how to eat consistently before she'll be able to come home.  One wouldn't think that a Vogel - especially one related to Mike- would have any issues with consistently eating, but that is the case for now.  The issue is, as it's been explained to us, she uses a ton of energy just eating one bottle.  The amount of energy she expends consuming one bottle is equivalent to a normal human running a marathon.  And she has to do it 8 times a day.  She just hasn't built up the stamina she needs to do this just yet.

She's been growing - topping out at 7lbs and 14 oz. - and she's become very alert and interactive with us and the nurses.

And her mom has been able to dress her up in all sorts of cute outfits too.

A pink flower and a sundress

A sporty top and pants

Something from the lounge collection

Sleeveless is in this year.

Posing with Mom like she's on the runway!

Her brother is doing quite well.  Logan's weight is now a whopping 11lbs. 13 oz.  Clearly he does not have any issue with eating.

Pooping?  Now that's been a bit of an issue.  Like many NICU babies, Logan's abdominal muscles haven't developed as well as most regular babies.  This means it's been a bit of a challenge learning how to effectively evacuate.   Again, one must wonder how a Vogel - especially one related to Mike - would have difficulty in this arena, but it has been a challenge.  With the help of a neonatal gastrologist, some Milk of Magnesia, and some patience we're beginning to see some progress.

Logan has become quite a talker, opting to share his opinion on many matters.

He's also been home alone with Mom quite a bit, which has led to a wide variety of photographic sessions.

Fell asleep with his head against Dad's chest
When you sleep against Dad's chest and he's wearing a sweater,
you get indented.

Working on a burp

Not sure if I want this or not... might save it for later.

Doing my best impression of Dad- passed out on the couch.

Ready to go visit my sister... again.

And over the last month or so, we've had a few visitors... family, that is.  With the two having immune systems that are still pretty vulnerable, we haven't been able to take Logan out anywhere besides the NICU and his doctor visits or have lots of people meet him.

Hopefully once Caroline's home and things go smoothly for a while, we'll get the go ahead to show off our gang.

Here's a look at some of the visits with the family...

Logan and Great Grandma Theresa

Great Grandpa LaVerne uses the "Mute Button"

They may not have been born in KS, but they're Jayhawks!!!

Logan and Grandpa Chris

Caroline with Grandpa Chris and Logan with Grandma Linda

Logan gets the forecast from Grandpa Jim

So, that's pretty much it... we've had a lot going on and remain super appreciative of all those who have reached out, helped out, and offered support.

Hopefully we'll have a "Coming home" update for you soon!

All our very best to you and your families,



Caroline & Logan