Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lesson, home, and wait...

Hey everybody.

I am a moron.

Learned a tough lesson last night.

Gave Mr. Logan a bath at 10:30 pm.

Might as well have dumped a can of Red Bull Energy drink on top of some Frosted Flakes and topped the bowl off with a scoop of coffee ice cream.

He liked his time in the bath.

He was all sorts of awake until about 2 am.

So much for my brilliant plan of a relaxing bath, a warm meal, and a quiet start to the night.

Yes, this also means that Logan is home!

Some of you may have been tipped to this from Melissa and my Facebook accounts... as a couple of photos leaked out on there on Sunday.

We were released with Logan on Saturday afternoon.  He is on a small amount of oxygen and that means he is also wearing the home monitoring equipment.

He had a bit of an adjustment on Saturday night - new noises, new environment, etc - but handled it pretty well only up every hour or so and not too fussy.

We all recovered a bit on Sunday and on Monday had a few firsts:

Logan's first visit back to the NICU to see his sister Caroline.

Dad's first experience with a full-blown Logan meltdown, unable to determine why he was so upset.

Which also led to the ultimate determination that it was time for Logan's first "Boogerectomy" and a happy child again.

It's been a busy few days filled with some lessons, but we're doing well.

Caroline has been growing - she's up to almost 5 lbs. and has graduated from her isolette to a "big girl crib".

Her lungs are still our biggest holdup and the docs are pushing her to wean from her oxygen support.  We're making progress, but it has been pretty slow going.

We still anticipate at least another month for her in the NICU and likely some prolonged oxygen support for her when she's released to go home.

That's also the reason that Logan has to remain pretty isolated and can't have visitors.

As long as he's a healthy kid, and isn't exposed to all the bugs out there (cold and flu season is all over the place right now), he's able to go up to the NICU and visit Caroline.  If he gets sick though, our otherwise hectic schedule of visits, feedings, and all becomes nearly impossible for us to manage with him required to be at home.  

So as much as we'd love to bring the little guy out to meet each and every one of all of you... we'll have to postpone introductions until we're in the clear health-wise.  And then you'll get the chance to meet both of the dynamic duo!

And with that... on to the photos!!!

Caroline's new crib - living in style!
It's got some clear sides and a very comfy mattress.

Gives our gal a chance to really relax and grow!

Got my warm winter hat and a stylin carseat for the ride!

Some day I'm going to weigh so much that both of them will have to pick me up!

Who needs a coat, when your whole seat's got a cover!

Logan's very first steps outside of the room.  Hasn't been out here since Nov. 5th.

Mom and our escort Nurse Robin head down the long hall to the door of the NICU

Carseat heading into "Locked and Loaded" position.

Mom thinks I'm pretty cute.  I'm so excited, I'm asleep.

Some post- trip snuggle time with Mom on the couch. 

Ready for my first night in my bassinet.  

And that's it for this update!

I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, and in the best of times with you and your families.

All our very best,

Mike, Melissa, Logan, and Caroline Vogel