Monday, December 6, 2010

Roids... big boy clothes...

Hey all,

I hope you all had a great weekend!

There's not too much news to update you on... our progress has been slow and steady.

Just the way we like it.

Caroline has reacted well to her steroids.  She's off of the ventilator now and is breathing with only the assistance of the oxygen through her nose.  The doc's have been careful to warn us that as the steroids move out of her system, the little ones can need to go back on the vent for a while (they just get too tired doing all the work on their own), but that it's normal for this to happen.

Judging by her latest photo though, I think she's plenty strong!

Just kidding folks...

But if you look at her arms here, she may have some definition going on...

She'll be beating up her brother sooner than we think!

As for Logan, he's been progressing well.  He's pushed past the 4lb. mark and has been growing pretty consistently.  He's beginning to be able to regulate his own body temperature, so we may be moving him to an open crib from his isolette soon.

This also means that Mom gets to dress him in clothes - something she's pretty stoked about.

Here he's wearing a preemie-sized onesie.  And he's still got A LOT of room in it.  Probably could smuggle his sister in there if he wanted to.

He's making good progress, but still has a bunch of growing and developing to do before we're talking about bringing him home.

Which reminds me...  I was riding down the elevator the other morning to head to work and a woman got on board carrying her carseat.  There was a HUGE baby in there.  I asked her how old the baby was... her response?  2 weeks!  They just got their 2 week post-delivery checkout.  

The kid was only 8lbs.  Just a normal sized baby.

It was a mild reality-check for me that all babies aren't tiny like mine.

But just wait until they cross paths in 6th Grade.  We'll see who's the tiny one then!!!

So that's the story from us here... slow and steady progress.  There haven't been any ups and downs lately (fingers-crossed) but we're still aware that we're riding the roller-coaster of the NICU.

Melissa and I are looking forward to the holidays - especially the chance to introduce Logan and Caroline to their Uncle Nick!  We have even decorated the NICU room with a tiny little tree so Santa won't accidentally miss the twins.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us notes and cards and such.  They help pass the time when we're in the NICU room in between diaper changings and kangaroo care.  We do love hearing from you!

All our very best to you and yours!

Mike, Melissa, Logan & Caroline

P.S. - I'd be remiss if I didn't share the fun photos of the kids rooting on our Chiefs against the Donkeys this weekend!

So it's not a real helmet- only an ornament -they're still rooting for the right team!

So it's not a real helmet- only an ornament -they're still rooting for the right team!

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  1. So glad the twins are doing well. They are cuties. Thinking of you Jeff and Suzy


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