Monday, February 27, 2012

Movin on up!

Hey everybody,

Brief update here, but packed with some BIG NEWS!!!

Starting in the beginning of April, the Vogel family will be living in a new home!

That's right - after a long time with our house on the market, we've found a buyer and consequently were able to find a great house out in Urbandale, IA!!!

We close at the very end of March and will be all moved in by the very first of April.

We're very excited to have more space and most happy with the prospect of a big backyard for the twins to take over when the weather gets nice.

Here's some photos of the pad:

It's a 4 bedroom 2 story on a corner lot, with a partially finished basement

Melissa has already figured out how to fill all these cabinets twice over.

Plenty of room off the large deck for a swingset in the yard!
We'll post our new address once all the paperwork is finished and are hoping to have a housewarming party some time this summer... so keep your ears to the ground for details.

In other kids news...

Caroline has been working with the Feeding Clinic from the University of Iowa.  It has been a bit of a struggle, but she's starting to catch on and they like that we're making progress with her.  If we can continue to progress, we'll be able to avoid taking her to the intense 3 week session (which is very tough and would just murder Mom and Dad's dwindling vacation/personal days with our unbelievably understanding employers). 

She goes back in a month to see how our new set of instructions and foods go.  She's pretty stubborn, but hopefully continues to make progress.

She's just recently mastered the Army Crawl and has begun to do some "big kid" crawling - mainly to keep up with her brother.  It's been interesting having 2 mobile kids...  very interesting.

Logan is standing as much as he can.  He hasn't mastered walking yet, but is pretty good working himself around the couch and tables.  It won't be long before he's off and running.  (Editor's note: Those who are gamblers might want to invest heavily in the timing of Logan's walking to Caroline's ability to crawl at the same speed as her brother and thus removing his ability to get away from her.)

Logan had a big milestone 2 weeks ago when Dad finally put his foot down with Mom and took his son to the barber.  He did a great job sitting still (for the most part) and got a good old fashioned barbershop haircut from Mike's old barber Dave.  It's been a few years since Dave saw Mike, but he's happy to have kept the Vogel business.

Mom and Dad are crazy busy with work, feeding schedules, and packing up the old house and making plans for the new house. 

We hope this update finds you all happy, healthy and in great spirits!

All our very best,

Mike Melissa Logan and Caroline Vogel

P.S. - Of course there are pictures.... Here you go!

A photo taken just before we began the Iowa City feeding clinic. That is an entire jar of peaches on the baby.  Not one drop in the baby.
Logan is lots less displeased at the idea of eating when compared to his sister.
Logan in the barber chair at the beginning of the haircut.

A little unsure what was happening, but still willing to sit still.
The finished product with Dad and Dave the Barber.
Unlike most kids... ours LOVE the bath! 

And who need towels, when you can dry your junk off on Dad's couch.

Bath time also means Mohawk time!!!  Grandma hates this.

Sometimes there's nothing more fun on a Saturday afternoon than to play with ALL the toys in the toybox!

It's no Harley Davidson, but this dragon can really move!

And yes... The Big Slab returned to Baconfest this year - to be interviewed by the local station and then uploaded to CNN and broadcast worldwide!!!

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