Friday, July 23, 2010

The outpouring...


Just WOW!!!

Thanks to everyone for their congratulations and heartfelt offerings of blessings and support.

Melissa and I are simply overwhelmed at the outpouring.

Our very best wishes to all of you and your families.

We were also extremely surprised at the great suggestions we received for names for the Vogel Twins!

Some examples are below:

Ronde and Tiki
Mary Kate and Ashley
Tiger and Elin
Brent and Matt

Jake and Gabe
Thunder and Lightning
Hawk and Animal

Clearly some are going to be better received than others by my darling wife!

Thanks for the suggestions!  Keep them coming!

The Vogels


  1. I have to admit, Brent and Matt are pretty sweet names. Thunder and Lightning are a close second.

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  3. Mongle and Bongle or I never speak to either of you again. -Uncie Tones

    Or we could call them Pete and Pete with a sexy Petunia tattoo. Just saying

    And if there women they will be Amazon's and we best hope that Dwight Kurt Schrute never meets them in a bar in NYC and seduces with his manly demeanor and beets.

    Also Jeremiah agrees with me.

  4. Don't forget Bert and Ernie. Another good classic is Walker & Texas Ranger.

  5. Congratulations Mike & Melissa. I work at WU with Mike's mom. I am the mother of fraternal boy/girl twins. I have fraternal twins in every generation on my mother's side of the family. Identical twins in every other generation on my Dad's side of the family. AND I married a twin. I can't believe that no one has suggested--Pete & Repeat, Mark & Remark, Donny & Marie, Abbott & Costello, Fred & Ginger, Mork & Mindy (keeping with the M's) ha ha ha. Our twins are now 26 years old and named Tyler & Kacie. Got any questions for me? Lori R.

  6. Erin eskold@hotmail.comAugust 13, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    Ross and Rachel!


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