Saturday, August 21, 2010

Health, Home, Sitting, and a little fun...

Hey everybody,

Wanted to give you all an update right after we got back from vacation but both Melissa and I were swamped with work...  She, prepping for the next big season of Hy-Vee sponsorship of the Kansas City Chiefs and myself working for NBC News, The Weather Channel and the Today Show to cover the flooding that hit Central Iowa.

So here's what we've got going on...


We've had several checkups already and continue to hear that all is progressing normally.  We're blessed by this and hope it's a trend that keeps going forward.

We will find out the sexes in mid-to-late September and YES we will be finding out and telling everyone.  But don't worry... there will be some surprise for you because we're not telling anyone their names until they are born.


Our house is still on the market... at least for another week or so.  

We've given our realtor and ourselves a deadline of Labor Day Weekend to have an offer for the house.  If we don't have some serious interest at that point, we're going to pull it off the market and switch to "Baby Prep Mode"- converting the office into a nursery, baby-proofing, and so on.  

Once we've got the very basics of our feet underneath us after the twins arrive, we'll look at putting it back on the market (although I'm quite sure our perspective of a "showing-ready" house will have changed a bit by then).  

We love this house and will be good with it as a start to our family, but would love to move to a bigger space especially when the twins are mobile.

So... if anyone in the Des Moines area knows of anyone who is looking for a GREAT starter home, please point them in our direction.  Here's a link to the listing:


Did you know that there is no "Buy one, get one FREE" deal for daycare???

I had hoped...  but no avail...

Melissa and I have begun our search for daycare and are asking for any assistance you all (especially the Des Moines folks) can provide.

Now I know that everyone has some strong opinions on daycare - what works, what doesn't, and so on...  we're soliciting ALL opinions, but mainly we're soliciting recommendations for a daycare opportunity that is both wonderful AND within our budget.

We currently are open to either a Center or an In-Home or even to someone (retired/stay-at-home) coming into our home.

So... if you have any ideas please please PLEASE send them to us - or


While on vacation at our family reunion up in Michigan, we poked a little fun at the expected size of Melissa's belly with a giant beach ball and beach towel as "improptu MuMu"... have a look!

That's it for another FLoA update!

Hope everybody's enjoying the rest of summer as we creep towards the best season of the year...



Our best wishes to you and your families!

- The Vogels


  1. If they are boys, I think the names Mike (namesake) and Ditka would be great.

  2. why is MY name put on that 'post a comment' rulz.


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